Dark Fantasy

The Melancholy of a Worldist

The world is one novel
The novel is a fantasy
So the world is a fantasy
Everyone is busy reading
Don’t look at the person who wrote
The world is more important than people
The world is a dark fantasy

I go to school every day
Teaching the World from Teachers
It’s all fantasy
I’m tired of reading textbooks
What a boring fantasy novel
If I yawned, I was teased
The world is a dark fantasy

Dad goes to work every day
Harassment to morals to rules
It’s all fantasy
Teasing his boss and talking behind his back to your subordinates
Fantasy isn’t easy either
Go home and hit me
The world is a dark fantasy

Mom’s daily socializing
Neighborhood association in the neighborhood
Fantasy Book Club
Read the novel that’s for you
Fantasy storytelling
I’m tired of this world
The world is a dark fantasy

Today and today’s fantasy
The world is still the same today
Unscrupulous readers to try to change
Both teachers, dad and mom
Mouthful of Fantasy
It’s suffocating, but I have to read it
The world is a dark fantasy