The Glass Fortress

The Melancholy of a Worldist

You and I were looking at the glass fortress together

I was jealous of the glass fortress

In there, everyone looked like they were having fun

Everyone laughing and eating good food

I thought they looked so happy

That’s why I wanted to go into the glass fortress

When I entered the glass fortress

I saw your face through the glass

You look so sad

With red tears running down your cheeks

You are screaming something desperately

I don’t know the word

I know what you’re talking about

The glass fortress was a prison

It was hell to get in alive

I was missing the most important thing in life

It was as fragile as glass

But it wouldn’t have crushed because of you

I’m a prisoner

I’ve been turned into a puppet

It’s because I lost something important

Though it is more fragile than glass

It was far more important to me than glass.

I was crushed

You’ll never get out of here

Trapped in a glass fortress forever

Nothing I can think of

Because I was crushed

But this is one thing I know

If the time comes to leave the glass fortress one day

I want to laugh with you again

And you will notice that

The presence of the most important thing

You’ll hear

The sound of the glass fortress crushing

Only then will I understand

There was never the glass fortress