The March

The Melancholy of a Worldist

Come on, everyone!

Did you hear the wake up call?

Time to wake up!

Good people know what you’ re doing, don’t you?

If you hear this trumpet call, you should get out of bed first

You mustn’t delay even for a second, okay?

Take off your dirty pajamas and throw them in the washing machine

Then brush your teeth

Did you wash your face properly?

If you’re ready, let’s have a nice breakfast

The usual march is the background music

It will make you all want to giddy up

In an unbelievably cheerful

It’s a number that can’t help but lift your spirits

Come on, eat quickly

The march doesn’t wait for you, does it?

Did you eat?

So put on your mask

It’s your favorite mask with the same complexion as the others

You can’t march without a mask

Turned on?

Then go out!

In tight rows

Never disrupt the ranks

You must never be out of step with anyone, even for a minute, okay?

May you?

So go ahead

Is the march of the armies of the masked forces


Here, keep the rhythm of the two beats

I don’t mean to be insistent, but you mustn’t deviate even a little bit, okay?

Come on, keep it together

Shoulder width aligned

Let’s make sure your hands are evenly distributed

Oh, everyone, well done!

Come on, move along

What a beautiful figure of the march!

I guess you’d call this an art form

Now, come on, march forward until the march is over

It’s fun!


Everyone is getting excited and excited


What’s ahead of us?

Who is the author of this march?

You don’t have to think about that nonsense

You are such a trivial thing to say

Get out of this column now!

Beings like you have no place in this great march

Not a single note is wasted in this lovely march!

Get out of here, you idiot


Don’t hesitate to keep marching, right, honors students?

I’ve deleted the unwanted notes

Come on, come on, come on

Oh joyful, joyful

The completion of a great march

But music is a thing that ends

The end is what makes it beautiful

What will we do when this number is over?

Well, I can write the next one again


That’s why I can’t stop composing

Well, I’ll put down the pen for now

We must march

Everyone is waiting for me

Marches are fun!